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Our Speaker meetings are held the second Thursday and Open Table Talk meetings the fourth Thursday of each monthMeetings are from 1-3 pm.  We encourage all members to attend our meetings but we feel that new members will benefit greatly.

The May meetings will be held via Zoom video conference.  Current plans are to hold future meetings in person pending COVID-19 developments.

                      * Click HERE for Zoom meeting invitations. 

Check back before meetings for status updates.

Teresa McKelvy  May 13th
TERESA D. MCKELVY, MBA, Mindful TMS Neurocare Centers
Teresea will talk about suffering from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, TMS can help!
May 27th
Open Table Talk ** 
Aaron Li  June 10th
DR. AARON LI, Livonia Acupuncture
Dr. Li will talk about fibromyalgia from an Eastern perspective.
June 24th
Open Table Talk **  
Michael Brackney  July 8th
Dr. MICHAEL BRACKNEY, Brackney Chiropractic Health Centers
Dr. Backney will talk about types of stress, symptoms, effects on your body and simple ways to reduce stress.
July 22nd
Open Table Talk **   
Butterflies August 12th
August 26th
Open Table Talk **
  August 26th
DR. HOWARD SCHUBINER, Providence Hospital Fibromyalgia Research
Dr. Schubiner will talk about the role of the brain in chronic pain.
Evan Raoof September 9th
EVAN RAOOF, Fit Living Academy
Evan will talk about motivation, simple movement and fueling your body for more energy.
September 23rd
Open Table Talk **   

For further speaker information contact Cindy Jovanoski at 313-676-0267 or

* Speakers are subject to change.

** Open Table Talk is a time for us to share among each other in confidence.  We share what we may be doing to help our FM & CFS.
     We talk about what is not working for us, we talk about how FM has changed our lives.



















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