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Below is a list our upcoming speakers* and topics.


We encourage all members to attend our meetings.  But we feel that the new members really benefit.  So please come.



June 13th
Dr. Brackney, Chiropractor
June 27th
Open table talk meeting**
No Meetings in July
Aug 8th
Kat Burtney will speak on chemical overload in our lives.
Aug 22nd
Open table talk meeting**
Sept 12th
Open table talk meeting**
Sept 26th
Dr. Toregrossa, Rheumatologist
Oct 10th
Dr. Barry Hobbs, Chiropractor

Oct 24th

Open table talk meeting**

* Speakers are subject to change.

** Open table talk is a time for us to share among each other in confidence.  We share what we may be doing to help our FM & CFS.  We talk about what is not working for us, we talk about how FM has changed our lives.


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